In album: Briar Rose: Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

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I'm Megan, a twenty one year old aspiring YA novelist and 'sometimes' model studying Creative Writing.  I'm forever darting between the flat I share with my husband in Bath (otherwise known as the best city ever), my parental home in Cornwall, and our family base in London. I really am westcountry girl at heart! 

Briar Rose: Bodmin and Wenford Railway

This weekend we celebrated my younger brother's birthday with a trip to Bodmin and Wenford Railway. He's been a steam train aficionado ever since he inherited my toy trains as a baby, hence Bodmin and Wenford Railway is a place we've talked about visiting for years. It's a little over an hour's drive away from my parent's place, but it was well worth the journey. We arrived at the quaint little station, hopped aboard an old steam train, and treated ourselves to an indulgent cream tea in the first class carriage as we chugged lazily through the Cornish countryside. Forty minutes later we waddled off the train with bellies full of scones and big smiles on our faces!


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